5 Ways to Promote Your Business and Events on LinkedIn

When I had my low fat dessert business, Twitter was just a whisper.  I was able to handle all online marketing because I had to.  There was no one with the expertise in the fast paced, ever changing internet.  Today, we have so many online marketing choices and I claim that marketing is one of the greatest single challenges for entrepreneurs.  This includes the effort and the decisions of how to market, the vehicle to market with and how much.think outside the box

Event marketing was removed  from LinkedIn awhile back so one must be creative in seeking opportunities when generating  campaigns and promotions.  Here are 5 ways to promote your business and events on LinkedIn:

1-UPDATES:  From your home page, share with your Connections (1st degree), or Public and Twitter (1st, 2nd and 3rd degree) connections.  You can attach a flyer or link back to your website for the details.

2-GROUPS:  From within a Group page, you can provide an update for the group.  Watch group rules because they may have a “no promo” policy unless you use the Promotions Tab once on the Group page.

3-MESSAGES:  Send a message individually if you have the time or it’s a unique situation.  A more efficient method is to send a message from your NETWORK page.  Connections to add to your group message can be sorted alphabetically or by other filters such as tags, location, etc.  The limit is 50 at one time so get ready to copy and paste your message into each group of 50.  Also, when sending the message, be sure to uncheck the box that says “allow the recipients to see each other’s names”.linked_in_rolodex

Then, create a message that is engaging and compelling with the true intent to provide info on an event or business solution that benefits your connections.  This works perfectly for introducing a blog and providing a link to bring people to your site.

4-TOP CARD:  It’s the place that holds your picture and headline.  Add your website address or a landing page address so they can send the viewer to your website.  Note that these are not direct links so the viewer needs to copy and paste the address into their browser.  You can provide up to 3 direct links to your website pages in the edit contact tab at the bottom.  Choose “other” and enter in appropriate URL’s.  I have one that goes to my newsletter sign up!

5-SHARE BOOKMARKLET TOOL:  You can share your webpage promotion using this fabulous tool.  Once you have this tool on your browser, find the page on your website that has the offer, click on Sharebookmarklet tool and you can select who to share with:  connections, twitter, groups, individuals, etc.  To learn more and load this on your browser, go to:  https://www.linkedin.com/static?key=browser_bookmarklet

SampleOn_logo6-SampleOn is NOT on LinkedIn but it’s a great campaign tool that is being offered for FREE (100 days) to give it a try.  It’s a cloud based campaign marketing tool that leads with the idea that a business offers  samples and then a social discount.  It’s an easy campaign and branding tool!  This link will take you to short videos to learn how it works:


Reply with your creative ideas on how to promote on LinkedIn!

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Penny Pearl, Founder of Bear2Bull Coaching is skilled in networking both at live social events and online.  She is a business coach for entrepreneurs, start-ups and sales organizations and shows them how to build better networking skills to generate new sales and increase business.  Penny is an entrepreneur with a strong sales background and a Board Member for the International Coach Federation, Sacramento Chapter as the Professional Development Chair.  Her engaging coaching style makes the adventure of learning online business building networking skills simple so you can get results to grow your sales!