pennyPenny is a Results Driven Sales Leader, a Certified Coach, a Trainer, and an Entrepreneur.

With her accomplishments and background, Penny offers her clients a diverse set of resources and guidance for building their business.  This applies to small and mid-sized companies as well as sales and service teams within larger organizations.  Penny loves to share her exceptional selling, relationship skills and networking expertise in coaching and training environments.  Her education and experience comes from accomplishments in sales and marketing, entrepreneurship and teaching so that others can use their talents to find success.

Bear to Bull Coaching is an evolution of Penny’s ability to help others grow their business and relationships.  She is a certified NLP and International Coach Federation trained coach and able to help individuals, businesses, managers and their teams to succeed in meeting their objectives by establishing goals and recognizing their resources and relationships to attain them.  Penny continues serving in a leadership position on the Board for the Sacramento ICF chapter which includes educating and assisting members as well as collaboration with the leaders of other professional organizations.  As an affiliate to Sierra Commons Business Igniter, she is a coach to business start-ups to help with establishing goals and plan execution for business success.  Her networking and leadership qualities are a resource for the people she meets.

Entrepreneur:  Penny understands the importance of reaching goals and relationship building as a business owner.  Her experience in product development, sales, marketing and service of an internet and retail based nutritional based food company, Penny’s Low Fat Desserts, Inc., allowed for many levels of experience in running a business.  Her innovation and creativity from development to marketing resulted in a unique and high quality product line that was sold via the internet to a targeted audience.  Her company offered the first developed baked product to use Truvia (an all natural sugar substitute) through a relationship with Cargill..  Penny’s desserts were successfully marketed on line to consumers on a national level and to Whole Foods.

Sales Leadership:  Penny’s direct sales experience in the high tech industry required leadership in reaching sales quotas and managing regional teams which were all highly competitive, innovative and on the front line. These opportunities and challenges provided the expertise to facilitate sales and customer service teams that performed at the highest level. Penny was trained using the Xerox selling methodology and results were consistently above company revenue goals for companies such as Canon, Cellular One, Plantronics, and voice processing companies.


  • Prior Board Member, Professional Development Chairperson for ICF Sacramento Chapter
  • Prior Associated Faculty with Sierra Commons Business Igniter