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How Was Your Job Application Experience?

HR and Recruiting Professionals, your talent brand is not the problem.  How you recruit and your application process is the problem. Do companies and their recruiters actually test the application process they ask potential candidates to wade through?  It can be daunting and no wonder many great candidates abandon the process. IS THIS A TEST? A candidate […]

When “old” Technology Doesn’t Work

Congratulations to the students that make a huge effort networking and engaging online for career opportunities—they are the exceptional. Then there are the students who believe that finding a job will “fall into place”.  But, by the time graduation rolls around, it’s a bit late to get started on building a network and learning new skills.  Welcome to the world […]

College is Over, Now What?

A message to Students, their Parents, University Program Directors, Career Centers and Alumni Associations… This is the reality.  College students don’t know what will hit them at the conclusion of their degree. Making the conversion from “getting the grades” to “getting the interviews” is not an easy task for students, but very necessary to pursue opportunities today. At our […]

Students, Network to Find a Job

Learn How to Find a Job in our Free Webinar Series beginning 5/11.  No selling, just unique networking techniques.  REGISTER HERE Are you a college student that’s near graduation and looking for a job in your field of study?   How about learning how to find the right job while you’re getting your education? Everyone […]

Mortgage Hiring Managers, Recruit Throughout Your Career

Sorry to say, but most of you that are trying to expand and seeking branch managers and loan officers sound the same and you’re reaching out to the same audience over and over.  It gets to the point where loan officers and branch managers specifically tell recruiters and hiring managers “don’t call”. How to Recruit Throughout […]

Putting Humanity Back into Job Hunting

As I work with graduating students that are in the midst of pursuing a job in their field of study, they’ve made comments such as:  “It sure would be great if there was some humanity in the job hunt!”  These are bright, young adults that are right around the corner from completing their Masters of Science and special certifications. […]

Candidates That Go Cold

There’s a plethora of online articles that address why employers don’t respond after an interview and advice for candidates to keep the flame alive. There’s little to nothing about what an employer can do when candidates go cold after the interview.  No thank you, no follow-up, they just disappear! Was it that the candidate had other intentions? […]

The Magic “Touch” on LinkedIn

What does it really take to find leads on LinkedIn? Lead generation can apply to finding qualified sales leads for new revenue or sourcing talented candidates to grow your company.  The process can be the same regardless of your search for clients or talent.  How do you find and convert your network? Navigating features, your […]

How Lead Generation can be a Waste of Time on LinkedIn

Do you feel as though you’re wasting time finding candidates or sales leads on LInkedIn?  Do these steps mirror your actions? You sign into LinkedIn without a purpose—no goals to find leads and you may not have even specifically identified who you’re looking for (the perfect client). After reacting to your messages, updates, etc. and an hour […]

Prospects that could use a connection like you!

Is connecting what it’s all about or is connecting with the right audience what you’re after? How to search that results in finding perfect prospects. When you find perfect prospects, you’re building a relationship because you have the expertise (or network) they’ve been looking for. “STOOD UP”? I’ve noticed more creative connection requests, yet when I […]

The Gift of a Recommendation!

Boost your credibility with recommendations and boost the credibility of your connections, too! Do you want a creative gift suggestion that will last for years?  It’s not going to cost you a dime, just a little time to recognize a job well done and a relationship that has depth! The best way to do this […]

I Can’t Hear You

You’ve spent a lot of time working on your profile and not satisfied that you are being heard!  Here are some tips for being found and to encourage new connections in your target audience when you market your profile on LinkedIn… What group of people do you want to attract with your LinkedIn profile?  To […]

LinkedIn, where “Turning on a Dime” is a Must!

Move Quickly on LinkedIn! The saying, “turning on a dime” is a popular expression that means changing direction quickly or operating under exceptional control. The dime is the smallest sized U.S. coin and has a short circumference, so turning on its circumference is a very quick turn that requires great control. In business, having systems […]

Finished with LinkedIn? Wait!

Social media can be daunting. LinkedIn can be daunting. It has so much to offer that it can be difficult to determine where to begin, what features to use, how to use them best and when to stop. Before you know it, the day has ended after hours of activity with zero results. It’s time to rethink how to use […]

Avoid The Road to Nowhere on LinkedIn

There’s a saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” It’s easy to get into the social media time trap if you don’t have the mindset for finding clients. On LinkedIn, using “features without focus” can lead to hours of activity with minimal results. How about a system that […]

Profile Building

5+ STEPS TO POWERING UP YOUR PROFILE You may have to turn excess customers away when you learn these 5 steps to market your profile! Make sure you begin with a professional headshot that’s clear, a pose that demonstrates the professional you. Then follow these steps… STEP 1— BACKGROUND PICTURE:  This is your billboard!  Available […]

If Your Profile is All About You

IF YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE IS ABOUT YOU, THEN IT NEEDS TO CHANGE What?  You thought the profile was about you?  Well, think again! FROM RESUME TO SALES PAGE The profile has gone from a resume format to a sales lead page—have you noticed?  Therefore, it’s important to make sure your readers know what you’re good […]

Your Magnetic LinkedIn Profile

LEADS ON LINKEDIN:   CREATE A FIRE-BREATHING LINKEDIN PROFILE AND ATTRACT CLIENTS!     1) KEY WORDS: What words would your perfect clients use to find what you do? The first step in a LinkedIn Lead Generation program is to have a PROFILE that leaves no question about what you can do for your clients. […]


Yes, it’s true. You really can fill your sales funnel by using LinkedIn as your prospecting tool. There are also ways to automate the process of attracting new connections that become clients. It’s much more than developing a quality and sizable network. If you “work” this valuable tool, you can attract clients from your target audience […]

5 Ways to Promote Your Business and Events on LinkedIn

When I had my low fat dessert business, Twitter was just a whisper.  I was able to handle all online marketing because I had to.  There was no one with the expertise in the fast paced, ever changing internet.  Today, we have so many online marketing choices and I claim that marketing is one of […]

10 Ways to Make Connections on LinkedIn

Many LinkedIn users have an abundance of connections and are trying to figure out the “online relationship building process” and how to convert a percentage of connections to clients. There are also many LinkedIn users that are in the process of  building their network and trying to find ways to add connections.   Here are […]

LinkedIn Profile Attraction Tool

When it comes to online, they say that “content is king”.  I think that “creativity is king” and it comes before content can be created!  So, apply your creativity to the use of this fun tool when it comes to using key words that you want to make sure are boldly present on your website […]

The Magic of Social Expertise

Who has the magic?  You have the magic. I tell my coaching clients that if you believe this, then you’ll be more inclined to make business decisions based on what you really know and need rather than external pressure. As entrepreneurs, we’re bombarded with social media solutions that causes us to look the other way […]

Tip: The How and Why of Backing Up Your LinkedIn Connections

Just what we need, another “should” in our lives.  However, with all the “stuff” we have to do, it’s easy to overlook protecting the work we’ve done! Here’s a simple way to back up your your connections in the event something catastrophic happens and your LinkedIn connections get lost. STEP 1:  When you are logged […]

5 Networking Tips for Events and Online

As the holidays approach, many of us will be attending social mixers so it’s a good idea to address networking techniques with the intent of deepening relationships with the people you meet.  It’s important to note that live events and online networking can be complementary for putting new and existing connections on solid foundations! No […]

Getting to Know Your Best Partners, Online!

“Connecting” and “sharing” are widely used terms today, especially when it comes to developing relationships that help grow your business.   There are many ways to “connect” with others including prospects, decision influencers, and resources for referral business. For those of us that did not grow up with social media, it can be daunting.  There’s abundant […]

FOLLOW-UP: An Opportunity to Network!

If your policy is to offer great follow-up with prospects, decision influencers and customers, your company will be outstanding because follow-up is an opportunity to network! At a time when everyone is challenged by slow sales, the competition of information overload, tougher competition, the very basics of following up is waning.  It takes extreme savvy and […]