Avoid The Road to Nowhere on LinkedIn

There’s a saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” It’s easy to get into the social media time trap if you don’t have the mindset for finding clients. On LinkedIn, using “features without focus” can lead to hours of activity with minimal results.

road to nowhere

How about a system that puts you in touch with targeted clients in 1 hour a day?

The first step for LEAD GENERATION on LinkedIn is a MINDSET for finding clients. Focus on SPECIFIC STEPS and integrate them into your daily routine. Here’s an overview of my system using LinkedIn that turns your network into clients…

Create a high powered profile that clearly states the expertise you offer to customers. Take a look at my previous posts to learn more about Powering Up Your Profile.

Use the Advanced Search to find your targeted audience with key words and filters. For example, if your clients are real estate brokers, you would use those key words when searching individuals and group members. Make a list of key words that would be used to search for that category of client or what they may put in their profiles. Another example might be “high producing residential real estate brokers”.

hold your target

When you get the results of your search, visit the profiles of your target audience to determine if it would be a good mutual connection. Personally, I use and market software that automatically visits and speeds up visiting my target audience—1000s more than I could do manually.

On a daily basis, view WHO’S VIEWED YOUR PROFILE under the PROFILE heading, connect and reach out to those that are your best prospects—ACT IMMEDIATELY to ask for a connection. Use template messages, then copy and paste that are more personal than the standard LinkedIn message.

Nurture relationships online and schedule appointments with your prospects. Online communication can be challenging but once you get the idea, you can make connections that count. Take a look at their profile and include some notables in your message. The benefits of connecting can be mutual.

You can create a template message to engage with your future clients—include how you might know them or something noticed in their profile, offer a sentence on your expertise and ask for the connection. Once connected, the fun begins!

Many other activities can enhance prospecting but, without a system, it can take forever to get minimal results. The system I just described has been tried and true for finding new clients.

This is the exact road to take for finding clients on LinkedIn. Travel time: 1 hour a day!


Penny Pearl, Founder of Bear2Bull Coaching is an expert on using LinkedIn for Lead Generation. Contact Penny and sign up for the Bear2BullCoaching newsletter to receive information on LinkedIn Lead Generation for Recruiters and Sales Teams:  Penny@Bear2BullCoaching.com.