Tip: The How and Why of Backing Up Your LinkedIn Connections

Just what we need, another “should” in our lives.  However, with all the “stuff” we have to do, it’s easy to overlook protecting the work we’ve done!

Here’s a simple way to back up your your connections in the event something catastrophic happens and your LinkedIn connections get lost.

STEP 1:  When you are logged in and have access to the top navigation bar, go to NETWORK.

STEP 2:  Then you’ll see the small settings wheel in the upper right shown at the red arrow below.  This will take you to step 3.

connections 1STEP 3:   In this new screen, go to the upper right and choose to EXPORT YOUR CONNECTIONS.

STEP 4:  Now you can choose the type of file you want to export to and then  select EXPORT.

Keep the file in a safe place on your computer where you can locate it if needed!  My back up is in a Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file) and displays on an Excel spreadsheet with the first and last name and email of my connections.

Creativity is imperative for networking and I address that in my webinars and workshops.  With this back-up, you’ll have the name and direct email for your connections in a new file.  Can you think of creative ways you can apply this information to your online networking and relationship building?

Let’s share ideas through your comments below!

Penny Pearl, Founder of Bear2Bull Coaching is skilled in networking both at live social events and online.  She coaches entrepreneurs, start-ups and sales organizations on how to build better networking skills to generate new sales and increase business.  Penny is an entrepreneur with a strong sales background and a Board Member for the International Coach Federation, Sacramento Chapter as the Professional Development Chair.  Her engaging coaching style makes the adventure of learning online business building networking skills simple so you can get results to grow your sales!

She can be reached at Penny@Bear2Bull Coaching.com.

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