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With the variety of business coaching services offered, let’s have a 30 minute complimentary telephone needs assessment consultation.  Next steps would be in the form of an on-site meeting where we can further determine needs and expectations and establish our working relationship so you can best achieve your goals.

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Marketing and Promotion Campaigns using SampleOn:

Bear2Bull provides training or can create and manage your campaign for you.  Projects are individually designed along with their cost estimates, and we make it easy!

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About Penny:

Penny is a Results Driven Sales Leader, a Certified Coach, a Trainer, and an Entrepreneur. With her accomplishments and background, Penny offers her clients a diverse set of resources and guidance for building their business.  This applies to small and mid-sized companies as well as sales and service teams within larger organizations.  Penny loves to share her exceptional selling, relationship skills and networking expertise in coaching and training environments.  Her education and experience comes from accomplishments in sales and marketing, entrepreneurship and teaching so that others can use their talents to find success. for dates and times of upcoming workshops and training, or sign up on our mailing list to stay informed.