Candidates That Go Cold

There’s a plethora of online articles that address why employers don’t respond after an interview and advice for candidates to keep the flame alive.

There’s little to nothing about what an employer can do when candidates go cold after the interview.  No thank you, no follow-up, they just disappear!

  • Was it that the candidate had other intentions?
  • Perhaps they received a counter offer from their current company and decided to stay (though stats show that most will leave that employer within 3 months, anyway).
  • Could it be that the interview didn’t go as well as expected from the candidate’s viewpoint and the interviewer was lacking the skills needed to recruit?
  • Maybe the candidate was considering 2 other offers and sitting pretty so there was no need for follow-up (What?).

It’s a mystery.

Whatever the reason, the employer may have gotten lucky to discover this bad trait before they hired a candidate with poor communication skills along with being a novice at networking and relationships. It’s a pattern that would surely be repeated with clients, partners and coworkers and hardly what a company is seeking in an employee.

Savvy professionals go online for nurturing relationships and networking.   Following up is a common courtesy for committing to long term relationship building.  People know people and they talk and…they remember.

I would encourage all candidates to take a moment, thank the interviewer with a candid response.  Why not?  It’s courteous and good for your future.