I Can’t Hear You

You’ve spent a lot of time working on your profile and not satisfied that you are being heard!  Here are some tips for being found and to encourage new connections in your target audience when you market your profile on LinkedIn…

hand-to-ear-listening (1)

What group of people do you want to attract with your LinkedIn profile?  To get the most out of your marketing efforts, it is important to set up a profile that speaks to your particular target audience.   Create an engaging background picture and headline for your profile that reflects your message or brand. Your background image and header should represent who you market to and how you can provide solutions for them.

The message that you convey to your audience needs to be specific and measurable – the words you use to describe yourself must speak to your audience about what you can do for them.  When you describe your experience, highlight your achievements and how you can apply them to create results for your target audience today.

When you are clear about your expertise and experience in your profile and when engaging on LinkedIn, you will stand out so that your target market will easily see and find what you have to offer.  One way to stand out is by putting key words about your expertise in the experience section of your profile.

Describe how you can benefit the reader and minimize the use of the word “I” and “my”.  For example, when listing bullet points of your achievements, instead of stating “I created faster and more effective email processing”, say “Created faster and more effective email processing.”

To improve your clarity about what you say and how you say it:

  1. Be concrete. Give examples to illustrate your point.
  2. Edit your words to target them toward the results you want and use formatting such as bullet points, capital letters, or bold letters to emphasize important points.
  3. Be results oriented. How can they use the information you provide and how can they reach you?

In your summary and under the contact section of your LinkedIn profile, invite people to contact you. An effective call to action can make the difference between someone just browsing your profile versus someone browsing and then contacting you.


There are automation TOOLS available for LinkedIn that can speed up prospecting so you can see fast results.  For more information about these tools, contact Penny Pearl today at Penny@Bear2BullCoaching.com.

BUILD YOUR NETWORK: Build your network and prospect list.  By implementing specific TECHNIQUES and TOOLS to automate steps, you will attain GREAT results with converting your network to clients.