Career Growth — Parents Who go Overboard

My eyes were glued to this article about parents that do the job search for their adult children. You have to ask yourself “why?” since it helps no one, least of all the young adult.

You can be sure that although we will participate in our daughter’s career hunting skills education, she will be doing the actual work herself (her preference, too). Survival and a rise to the top is more assured if we teach our young adults how to fish rather than preparing a fish dinner for them every night!

What’s the fallout from doing these life learning experiences for these bright stars? For one, what happens when they don’t perform when in the job or need to seek a new position—will they ever be able to do this on their own?

The process of learning more about ourselves, setting goals for our future comes from a very important basic lesson…do it yourself with as many resources as possible. How can a young person experience “the work” and the rewards when it’s done for them? Life will always require individual resourcefulness, a by-product of challenge and experience.