College is Over, Now What?

A message to Students, their Parents, University Program Directors, Career Centers and Alumni Associations…

This is the reality.  College students don’t know what will hit them at the conclusion of their degree.

Making the conversion from “getting the grades” to “getting the interviews” is not an easy task for students, but very necessary to pursue opportunities today.

At our daughter’s graduation for her MS degree, David Barlow, PhD, Professor of Psychology at Boston University was the keynote speaker.  Addressing Masters and Doctorate students that were about to embark on the adventure of career seeking activities, he brought the reality home in the form of 2 myths:

Myth 1:  After graduation, everything will fall into place
Myth 2:  The student knows what they want today and have self knowledge after their formal education.

It was serendipitous that I was there.  At Bear2Bull Coaching, we are introducing our program 2Actify! Students learn how to build connections and network to find a job in their field of study.

Students learn life-long skills.

Learning how to build and engage with their network is much more effective than wasting time on job boards.  Communication skills come back to life and young professionals learn how to find opportunities, recommendations and referrals. For the motivated, it democratizes the job search!

That’s why we need encourage them along the way and start early.

  • Before college
  • During college
  • After college (When they start to feel the heat).

Why are the majority of students overly confident about their job prospects and don’t feel they need the research, marketing and communication skills?

“Employers give college graduates low scores for preparedness across learning outcomes; students think they are better prepared.”  —Hart Research Associates on behalf of Association of American Colleges & Universities, 1/15

 2015 College Grads May Not Be As Ready for the Workplace as They Think They Are

It may not be overconfidence.  It may be that they don’t know what they don’t know, or even….fear itself!  Fear of talking with people and identifying what they’re exceptional at!

College students don’t know what will hit them at the conclusion of their degree.  As parents and educators, we can talk about “the jungle that awaits”, but even though they may not want to hear it, we can start earlier than the last semester of their graduating year!

Our webinar based 2Actify! Program: Students learn techniques for applying their skills to social tools, take action to build their networks and engage with people that provide opportunities, recommendations and referrals to find a job in their field of study.

To learn more about our program 2Actify!, contact  or 530 277 7037