Before you step forward into any Bear2BullCoaching program, we can have a complimentary consultation to get to know each other and assess your needs.  We can do this prior to private coaching or sales team coaching as a well as workshops and webinars.  Whatever your application, I appreciate meeting you to determine if it’s a good fit and assess what results you are seeking.


  • Complimentary 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and a coach approach
  • If you are “in”, then we’ll begin with an agreement that includes times and terms as well as a questionnaire for you to identify areas that you want to address in your coaching, your accomplishments and goals.


  • Complimentary 1 hr. + initial consultation to determine scope of work
  • Assessment process overview to include measurement milestones
  • Project timeframe


  • Meet Penny for a complimentary consultation and learn about current programs
    • Consultations for individuals
    • Group or company workshop consultations
  • Design a workshop to meet the needs of your group of 6+ or company
    • Workshops can be in 1-4 hours or in multiple day increments and be in series or individual, depending on the content such as: A workshop on Cultivating your Network on LinkedIn to get the team started on using online networking skills, assistance with navigation techniques and implementing strategies for prospecting.
    • Focused and results oriented workshops are offered on the use of specific skills toward objectives using LinkedIn (i.e. Effective Prospecting Using LinkedIn, Creating a Power Profile, Becoming the “go to” in Groups, etc.).

TELESEMINARS:  Sign up for a teleseminar so you can hear my content and check out my style.  Since most of these are not chargeable, just register and then you determine what future work (coaching, webinars, or workshops) we can do together!