Prospects that could use a connection like you!


Is connecting what it’s all about or is connecting with the right audience what you’re after?

How to search that results in finding perfect prospects.

When you find perfect prospects, you’re building a relationship because you have the expertise (or network) they’ve been looking for.

“STOOD UP”? I’ve noticed more creative connection requests, yet when I respond and there is no follow-though, that’s a BIG negative. Why request a connection without follow-through unless you are just working the numbers?

IT’S OKAY TO BE PICKY. Connect with professionals that you want in your network and are those that could possibly benefit from your expertise. The relationship should be mutually beneficial.

A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN. When you are clear on what you can offer and know your best prospect, then connecting is a no-brainer. Here are some tips for generating a list of suspects that may be interested in sharing your network…

Finding Love Shows Heart In Maze


This is one of the great benefits of a LinkedIn Premium Account: more relevant search filters that allow you to focus on profiles with “potential”.

  • Use “QUOTES” around your key words to find profiles containing EXACT key words and phrases. Not much wiggle room here. For example: “Computer Hardware Sales Manager” or “Product Manager” means that you are looking for that specific phrase.
  • When you use AND (upper case), you can combine multiple phrases, such as Mortgage Loan Officer AND Production Loan Officer.
  • The word OR (upper case) between phrases allows for a more broadened search. Sales Manager OR VP Sales OR Director of Sales
  • PARENTHESIS allows for a broad search. An example is Sales Manager (production manager OR selling manager)
  • EXCLUSIONS: If you want to omit certain key words from your search, then use the word NOT (upper case). For example, NOT Branch Manager, NOT Operations Manager.

BUILD YOUR NETWORK: Grow your network and prospect list. By implementing specific TECHNIQUES and TOOLS to automate steps, you will attain GREAT results with converting your network to clients.

There are automation TOOLS available for LinkedIn that can speed up prospecting so you can see fast results. For more information about these tools, contact Penny Pearl today at or (530)277-7037.