Finished with LinkedIn? Wait!

Social media can be daunting. LinkedIn can be daunting. It has so much to offer that it can be difficult to determine where to begin, what features to use, how to use them best and when to stop. Before you know it, the day has ended after hours of activity with zero results.

It’s time to rethink how to use LinkedIn effectively. If you’re prospecting, then perform specific activities that allow you to quickly engage with your perfect clients.

Below are 6 giant steps on how to use LinkedIn for finding prospects…

Finished Linkedin Wait1) Make sure your PROFILE speaks to your specific target audience about your focused expertise and how you help your clients achieve their goals.

2) Deciding your specific target audience for your focused expertise is sometimes a difficult decision because you are so multi-talented, but you must pick one. You can work with the others later—the more specific you are in targeting your perfect clients, the better your chance of success for finding prospects.

3) Create a TEMPLATE connection message that presents a compelling reason to connect with you. Always grow your network.

4) SEARCH for your target audience using the ADVANCED SEARCH feature. This is where a premium account comes in handy because you have more search filters to be more exact in your quest for those perfect clients.

5) Once LinkedIn creates your list, you can visit and, using your template, invite the best prospects to connect. Choose a goal for the number of daily connection requests to make or set a time limit for yourself.

6) Set a daily goal for how many prospects to reach out to for a meeting. On a daily basis and as an integral part of your day, view WHOSE VIEWED YOUR PROFILE. Use a different TEMPLATE MESSAGE to reach out to your perfect clients to engage for the next step, a phone call or appointment.

This is a simple view of the steps but there are detailed techniques within these 5 steps for being really GREAT at this. There are also automation TOOLS that can speed up prospecting so you can see quick results.


BUILD YOUR PIPELINE: The reality is that if you stick to a routine using these 5 steps and make them a part of your every day, you will build your network and prospect list.

By implementing specific TECHNIQUES and TOOLS to automate these steps, you will attain GREAT results with converting your network to clients.


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