FOLLOW-UP: An Opportunity to Network!

If your policy is to offer great follow-up with prospects, decision influencers and customers, your company will be outstanding because follow-up is an opportunity to network!

At a time when everyone is challenged by slow sales, the competition of information overload, tougher competition, the very basics of following up is waning.  It takes extreme savvy and effort to stand out in the crowd and connect with your target audience.  Many large or small, management, sales teams and customer service teams seem to have forgotten what follow-up means and don’t understand how to demonstrate genuine customer care which in turn helps develop a network of loyal customers and revenue growth.  This service orientation needs to come from company leadership.

Just recently I was at a chamber mixer that had table top booths.  A small business vendor at the event invested in a booth to show off their products and offered a service that I needed.  They committed to calling me the next day.  Two days went by so I made the call to the vendor, but alas, no call back or follow-up—not even a call.  They had 2 chances and now they are off my list as a vendor, but I will certainly contact them as a prospect to offer my consultation services if they are interested in learning how to be customer service oriented.

So I ask:  Why bother with the effort and cost to prospect new clients when you will not commit to the next call, take action and nurture a relationship?  After all, the social networking world is always encouraging “connecting” and all the technology we’re armed with makes taking action easier.

If you really want to make a difference with your clients/customers, colleagues, coworkers, or networking buddies, then “follow-up” with your commitments and “connect below the surface”.  This is what networking is about—getting to know others so you can be a resource for each other to reach goals.

My policy is to to follow-up within 24 hours and take action on my commitments and be a resource to my network.   Do you have a company policy for following up?  How have these been opportunities to expand your network?

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