The Gift of a Recommendation!

Boost your credibility with recommendations and boost the credibility of your connections, too!

Do you want a creative gift suggestion that will last for years?  It’s not going to cost you a dime, just a little time to recognize a job well done and a relationship that has depth!

The best way to do this is to offer recommendations on LinkedIn to people you have worked with and can genuinely promote your good experience with them. When you provide a recommendation, LinkedIn will ask the recipient to return the favor.  But really, most people are so thrilled to receive an unsolicited recommendation that they will be happy to send one your way, too.

What do recommendation offer?

  • Credibility for an expertise.
  • A recommendation provides perspective into the character of the recipient.
  • Relationships are cemented with recommendations.
  • Letters of recommendations can be used in various applications (newsletters, websites, etc.)
  • When you write a recommendation, your name is posted and affiliated with the connection you recommended on LinkedIn.

Note, that in order for a recommendation to appear on a profile, it must be sent within LinkedIn.  However, once sent, it can be copied to other venues such as a website testimonial section or a newsletter (with the sender’s permission, of course).

Take the initiative… offer a recommendation to one of your 1st connections!



STEP 1:  Select a 1st connection that you want to recommend.

STEP 2:  In the Headline box, to the right of MESSAGE, select RECOMMEND from the drop down arrow (red arrow).

STEP 3:  The purple arrow shows RECOMMEND options in the dialog box below for you to select how you know your connection.  Select and then the next dialog box will allow you to write your recommendation.



What a great way to give back to your network!

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