LinkedIn Profile Attraction Tool

When it comes to online, they say that “content is king”.  I think that “creativity is king” and it comes before content can be created!  So, apply your creativity to the use of this fun tool when it comes to using key words that you want to make sure are boldly present on your website and LinkedIn profile.  Key words are what internet users will use to search for what you do and they should be plentiful in your profiles and websites to make it easy to find you or what you do.  Key words help to attract clients to you.

Use Wordle to see how you are expressing your key words!  The last screen shot of this post shows the bold words that are prominent in my LinkedIn profile summary.  This is how you can do this for yourself. If you need to see the screen shot in a larger size, just click on the image.

STEP 1:  Go to and you’ll see their home page:

wordle 1


STEP 2:  Click on Create

Copy and paste your LinkedIn profile summary words, or a page from your website.  In this step, I have pasted my LinkedIn profile summary.  You can also paste a URL as seen in the lower box of this screen shot.

wordle 2


STEP 3:  Are you ready?   This is the exciting step!  Hit “GO” and this is what came up for the keywords used in my summary profile.  The bolder words are the more prominent messages.

wordle 3

What are the stand out words you want?  This is a graphic that can be used “creatively” in other places, too!

Let me know how you will use Wordle!


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