How Lead Generation can be a Waste of Time on LinkedIn

Do you feel as though you’re wasting time finding candidates or sales leads on LInkedIn?  Do these steps mirror your actions?

  1. You sign into LinkedIn without a purpose—no goals to find leads and you may not have even specifically identified who you’re looking for (the perfect client).
  2. After reacting to your messages, updates, etc. and an hour has gone by, you’ve communicated with 5 of your first degree connections, read 3 new posts, congratulated 2 of your connections and endorsed 4.
  3. You did not check to see WHOSE VIEWED YOUR PROFILE or look for new connections in your target audience.
  4. Searching for your target audience on LinkedIn was on the back of your mind, but you ran out of time.
  5. Your profile is all over the place. Lots of words about YOU and not written with your target audience in mind.
  6. You have no routine for lead generation on LinkedIn.

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How to find leads that “raise their hands”.

When you want to find leads on LinkedIn, devote a set time each day with intention by determining…

  • Who is your target client?
  • How long will you be online?
  • How many new connections do you want to make?
  • How many appointment request messages do you want to send?

Then, follow these 5 steps for LEAD GENERATION:

1) Make sure your profile is optimized to show your specific skills and accomplishments that would interest your perfect clients and what you can do for them.

2) Check WHOSE VIEWED YOUR PROFILE. Focus on your perfect clients.  Reach out “very fast” for a connection.   Once connected, send them your next level of engagement–really fast!

3) Perform an ADVANCED SEARCH to find new connections within your target audience and send personalized connection invitations (personalized templates work well).

4)  When you have targeted clients that “raise their hands” in interest (they have connected or sent a message to you), learn how you can be a resource by reading their profile.  Send a message to ask for an appointment based on what you can do for them.

5)  Repeat this process EVERYDAY.

  • Communicate with your target audience.
  • Establish a routine with the above steps and a daily goal for lead generation.
  • Be a quick responder.
  • Only until your goals are met do you veer off on the other features available to you on LinkedIn.

You, are a Lead Generation Machine.

Need help?  

Do you want to AUTOMATE some of your routine?  

Attend this Webinar:  Sure-Fire Ways to Find Perfect Clients on LinkedIn


Penny Pearl is skilled in LinkedIn lead generation using Bear2Bull’s Turbo-Recruiting & Hyper Pipeline Programs, LinkedIn features and proprietary processes and software.

Penny works directly with business owners, sales teams and recruiters to develop online LinkedIn marketing campaigns for revenue growth and sourcing talent.

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