LinkedIn, where “Turning on a Dime” is a Must!

Move Quickly on LinkedIn!

The saying, “turning on a dime” is a popular expression that means changing direction quickly or operating under exceptional control. The dime is the smallest sized U.S. coin and has a short circumference, so turning on its circumference is a very quick turn that requires great control.

In business, having systems in place that give us focused control and allow flexibility to quickly change direction as needed, is important. LinkedIn Lead generation is one of the areas where this is significant because having a lead generation tool that can give you focused control for quickly finding your target audience is key for building your list of prospects. You need to move quickly!

Once someone shows interest in your profile by viewing it, you need a system in place that allows you to “turn on a dime” for your immediate connection and subsequently a prospecting message. Hurry though! Your connection’s inbox is filling quickly so your immediate follow-up is crucial.

Your system should include checking your WHO’S VIEWED YOUR PROFILE on a daily basis and responding to qualified prospects to further develop the relationship and ultimately for an appointment.

Think about how many professionals you hear from on a daily basis during the diversions in your workday! You mean to get back to select individuals and their message gets buried very quickly. The prospect you want to meet has similar challenges, so when you have a prospect that “raises his hand” in interest, turn on a dime with your follow-up.

Here’s a 4 step system used by a professional that’s using LinkedIn to find leads and schedule meetings with his target clients…

1. A business development executive first makes sure that his profile is optimized to his specific target audience on his focused expertise and how he can help his clients achieve their goals.

2. Using the LinkedIn ADVANCED SEARCH feature and entering key words that pertain to his perfect audience, specific titles and locations, he performs a search.

3. After LinkedIn generates a list of results, the executive visits the profiles on the list and invites the best prospects to connect. Goals are essential, so he establishes a goal for the daily connection requests he would like to make.

4. Once connected, he turns on a dime and sends an introductory LinkedIn message from a collection of templates and customizes it for a compelling invitation to have a conversation.


Using TOOLS and PROCESSES that AUTOMATE LinkedIn prospecting can speed up the process and you’ll see rapid results. For more information about these tools, connect with Penny or direct email her today at

BUILD YOUR NETWORK: When you follow the steps mentioned in this article you’ll build your network and prospect list. By implementing specific TECHNIQUES and TOOLS to automate these steps, you will attain GREAT results with converting your network to clients.