The Magic of Social Expertise

Who has the magic?  You have the magic.

An image of businesswoman hand drawing a sketchI tell my coaching clients that if you believe this, then you’ll be more inclined to make business decisions based on what you really know and need rather than external pressure.

As entrepreneurs, we’re bombarded with social media solutions that causes us to look the other way while automation or an “expert” takes care of us. Not really. I tell my coaching clients that there is no department or consultant that “does it all”. The reality is that being in business requires your leadership and involvement, even if it’s new territory and out of your comfort zone.  You need to be able to manage the technology and experts.   I learned this first hand in my prior dessert business because I hired the wrong “expert” to do my social media. Although there were fewer consultants that understood social media marketing at that time, I personally still follow this philosophy and share this with my coaching clients:

  • Social networking approaches are bountiful so be patient as you evaluate your choices.
  • No one consultant offers a 100% solution, so consider your goals and options and be open to working with a team.
  • Prepare yourself to be involved.  It’s your voice that goes to clients and prospects.

My approach: Evaluate how to implement your marketing to represent your style and voice.  What can you do consistently to keep in touch with your clients and prospects?  Who are the consultants you can learn from?

Tools are not automatically going to do the job.  Let’s all take a guess how many people with an abundance of connections do not know how to get results from their network on LinkedIn.  If I had 10,000 connections and did not use the LinkedIn tool to nurture relationships, then my networking nowhere.

Based on a true story:Naughty Kid Taking One Of His Mother's Cakes On The Table

I had my low fat dessert business and I sold to consumers on the internet before twitter and Facebook ever appreared.  Later, my products showed up in Whole Foods.

I led a team that consisted of a food scientist, a commercial baker, a professional photographer, web developer, an  internet marketer (I had to go through 2 of them), a graphic artist, a printer, 2 shipping companies,  a small staff of assistants, and a food demo specialists.   It took time for me to filter what I needed to generate results and find the team that would help me get there.

The web developer I chose had business savvy, went out of his way to provide solutions, and I trusted his work and guidance.  As resourceful as he was, it also took my ideas and creativity for building business via the website.


I’m pleased to say that I am still working with the same web developer—it’s been 10+ years!

Another business consultant I currently work with specializes in creating tools and products using social media techniques.  The project I chose to work on with him was the development of my Teleseminar marketing tool. This is where I introduce myself and expertise to potential clients for my webinars and business coaching.  Not only do I have the tools, I coach my business clients on the great techniques I learned from an outside consultant—he’s part of my team and I’ll continue working with him on new projects.

As I sought out marketing optiosn, I also spoke with 2 companies that suggested SEO for and I was not convinced this was where I wanted to invest my time or $.  Not yet.

My next current consultant appeared before me when I attended a webinar.  I began receiving her email communication and I liked her approach.  She was communicating with a style similar to my own and I saw it as an opportunity to learn new marketing systems.


If you want to be involved and learn how to do things yourself too, then take the time to build a supportive team that will teach you to love the opportunities that social media offers.   I tell my coaching clients that a business coach can help you discover your needs, how to proceed and work with the right teams to save you from costly mistakes.

What do you need to take the first steps?  Let me know in your comments below or contact me.

Penny Pearl, Founder of Bear2Bull Coaching is skilled in networking both at live social events and online.  She is a business coach for entrepreneurs, start-ups and sales organizations and shows them how to build better networking skills to generate new sales and increase business.  Penny is an entrepreneur with a strong sales background and a Board Member for the International Coach Federation, Sacramento Chapter as the Professional Development Chair.  Her engaging coaching style makes the adventure of learning online business building networking skills simple so you can get results to grow your sales!

She can be reached at Penny@Bear2Bull

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