Your Magnetic LinkedIn Profile






1) KEY WORDS: What words would your perfect clients use to find what you do? The first step in a LinkedIn Lead Generation program is to have a PROFILE that leaves no question about what you can do for your clients.


What words your clients GOOGLE to find you?


Below are the major components of the LinkedIn profile and tips to make your profile most effective. Be sure to turn off BROADCAST until your profile changes are made. When you’re done, be sure to turn BROADCAST back on. That way, your connections will only receive your profile updates when you are ready to spread the word!


2) BACKGROUND BILLBOARD PICTURE: Use this space to present a picture and words to enhance your headline message. If you have an editor like Adobe Photoshop (or Elements @$99), you can be very creative.


3) TAG CARD: The area with your picture, name, and description of what you do.


PICTURE: Make it a professional headshot, go to a pro for a business-like and approachable picture—no cartoons, no Facebook pictures with your kids or you on the sailboat. It’s the “PROFESSIONAL YOU” and viewers should be able to take a quick glance and see that you are a pro and easy to work with at the same time.


HEADLINE: Make every word count to say WHAT you do, HOW you do it, and WHO you do it for. Leave no doubt about your expertise. The first 46 characters of the 120 should be the most profound. WHY? When you visit the profiles of others, they will see your picture and the first 46 characters of your headline to determine whether they want to connect with you.


CURRENT position is auto- filled from how you list your COMPANY NAME and title in the EXPERIENCE section. With creativity, you can list skills or titles to reiterate your expertise rather than just a job listing.


PREVIOUS will auto fill based on dates of previous employment


EDUCATION will auto fill with the order in which your education is presented.


PUBLIC PROFILE LINK: Make sure you edit this field to show your name without numbers. For example:


CONTACT INFORMATION: Tell your audience how to find you. Put your email and under WEBSITE. If you select OTHER, you can assign a catchy name and input a unique landing page to say, your blog, a program or product offered.


SUMMARY: Use Key words in your profile. Tell your audience how to contact you. Put in a CALL TO ACTION: Connect with me, call me, email me, read my blog, etc.


This tool will visually show you what key words are most expressed in your profile:


In your SUMMARY, use:

  • Short descriptions of how your skills and achievements help clients
  • Caps for a section of expertise where you want to draw attention
  • Use bullet points
  • Insert a call to action
  • Include pictures, videos, presentations, and examples of your work

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