Mortgage Hiring Managers, Recruit Throughout Your Career

Sorry to say, but most of you that are trying to expand and seeking branch managers and loan officers sound the same and you’re reaching out to the same audience over and over.  It gets to the point where loan officers and branch managers specifically tell recruiters and hiring managers “don’t call”.

How to Recruit Throughout Your Career

Build Relationships and start now.  Proactively communicate online through networking platforms and emailing your connections.  Talk to them, keep in touch.  A connection by itself is just a connection, but relationships lead to finding talent, referrals and opportunities.

If your company is progressive, they’ll let you use the CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) to make it easier for you to keep in touch andmaintain relationships.  After all, the company most likely promotes streamlining technology to simplify the loan process.  They encourage relationships and partnering with home buyers and real estate agents, why not use technology to build relationships to attract talent?

Relationship Pipelines Made Easy

There are technology and process systems we use to generate candidate leads for our clients to find and begin their relationships that also want to build relationships.  They become your relationships, not those of an executive search firm or a head hunter.

Reactively looking for talent “on the fly” or “in a rush” can be expensive without a relationship pipeline.  Relationships take time—learn these valuable tips for maintaining yours.