Bear2Bull’s Coaching is for Career Seekers.

Our clients usually find their next job within 2 months because they learn how to find the hidden job market through networking. You’ll be coached on a proven system that puts you in control of your job search so you can land your next job faster.

With Bear2Bull, you get:

  • Direct One-On-One Coaching for your specific job search.
  • An Online Program that teaches STRATEGIC ONLINE NETWORKING for CAREER SEEKERS: available 24/7 online program.

Online job boards can be fruitless and a drain on confidence while my approach will enhance your confidence and build new skills for your next job and future career.

You’ll meet the right people at companies you want to work for and learn how to find connections that can open doors.

A trained ICF coach and a certified NLP coach will provide coaching on networking, building the right professional relationships and creatively promoting yourself including:

  • How to create an online marketing campaign
  • Perform searches for the right people in your industry
  • Write messages and make calls that get meetings with the right people
  • Stay in front of your network—be on their radar for opportunitiesWe’ll work directly with each other for your exact circumstances and you’ll have access to my online course, 2Actify along with a guarantee. It’s a proven step-by-step system on how to strategically network online to build relationships that lead to opportunities and referrals.
  • You’ll be in control of your career search and become less dependent on job board applications and the churn that goes with them.

    Let’s have a phone introduction to see if you’re motivated for this game changing approach to your career search and your future.

green checkmarkCareer Seekers, Students, Grads and Alumni: Find your job faster with the  2Actify Program.  Our step by step process incorporates unique networking techniques and concepts that apply to various social platforms for launching your career and finding new opportunities in your field.

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