Bear2Bull’s Lead Generation System finds qualified leads for building new relationships and opportunities for…

  • Student & Alumni Careers 
  • Employee Talent
  • Client Prospects

green checkmark Students Grads and Alumni Career Seekers:  Find Opportunities through Networking! Our 2Actify Program teaches a system designed for Students, University Career Centers & Alumni Associations.  Our step by step process incorporates unique networking techniques and concepts that apply to various social platforms for launching your career and finding new opportunities in your field.

green checkmark Source Candidate Leads:  Hiring managers that are searching for candidates use our program to find and engage talent to build their relationship pipelines.  We find qualified candidates that want to have a conversation about the opportunities your company offers.

green checkmark LinkedIn Lead Generation Formula: Yes, you can find leads on LinkedIn!  Our system works for entrepreneurs and sales organizations.  We show you step by step techniques to develop your LinkedIn network by finding and engaging with qualified leads for building your sales pipeline and increasing revenue.

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