You may have to turn excess customers away when you learn these 5 steps to market your profile!

Make sure you begin with a professional headshot that’s clear, a pose that demonstrates the professional you. Then follow these steps…

STEP 1— BACKGROUND PICTURE:  This is your billboard!  Available for premium account holders, a picture that represents your message or brand along with a message to help with your marketing.  You’ll need a photo editor (like Adobe Photoshop Elements) to add the words.  Here is an example of a professional that is clear about his message with pictures to support his expertise…

STEP 2— The HEADLINE is the section with your picture.  You have 120 characters in the HEADLINE to provide a snapshot of:

Who you market to…who is your target audience?

What you do for them?

How you provide solutions?

Here’s an example of what I do for my clients and the results (I teach a system that attracts clients and candidates).  This leads to better performance for my target audience, sales organizations and recruiters.

Penny Pearl Headline

STEP 3—CURRENT EXPERIENCE:  Instead of using this space only as a statement of where you work, you can further describe your expertise to extend your message beyond the HEADLINE.  The way to do this is to change your COMPANY NAME in the EXPERIENCE section.  Here are 2 examples:

“Bear2Bull Coaching” changed to “Bear2BullCoaching, Convert Connections to Clients, Create Marketing Campaigns”.  Note that these are great ways to continue inserting “key words” for perspective clients to find you!

Penny Experience

Michael Moser of “Exaq, Inc.” uses this space to use key words about his expertise.

Michael Experience

STEP 4—WRITE A POST with an interesting picture.  Can you do this once a week?  You can repurpose the post to a blog or vice versa.  C’mon—share your expertise with your network!   Put this in your summary and don’t forget to put some links in there such as a newsletter sign up!

STEP 5—CONTACT INFORMATION:  Tell us how to get in contact with you under the contact tab and within your summary.


When you list your experience, use this space to point out ACHIEVEMENTS in your background and how they relate to what you can do for your target audience TODAY.

Here’s an example of how Michael Moser used the EXPERIENCE space to provide more details on results achieved and how he can help current clients:

Michael Experience Space

Our next post will cover:  How to use your profile to convert connections into clients.

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