Bear2Bull Coaching offers:

  • LinkedIn Coaching for Sales Teams, HR Professionals and Start-ups
  • Learn through Private Screen Shares, Online Webinars or a Hands-On Workshop

Company LinkedIn Hands-on Workshops and Webinars
With a group of 6+ attendees, have a custom designed Workshop.  Any number of attendees can participate in a  Webinar presented to your sales teams or recruiting team or business associates.  For on-site workshops, please contact Penny.

 email or call 530-277-7037

•    Turn your social skills into online savvy for building your network and incremental revenue.
•    Discover new ways to use LinkedIn for converting your network to clients.
•    Learn how to build a Magnetic LinkedIn Profile that attracts new customers.
•    Develop a campaign strategy using LinkedIn and market your expertise to your target audience.
•    Learn new methods of communicating online to the right customers and influencers for your business.

Business Coaching Services
With the variety of business building services offered from Bear2Bull, more information would be gathered about your company objectives in a 20 minute telephone needs assessment consultation.

Contact: for dates and times of upcoming workshops and training.  Sign up on our mailing list to stay informed.