Radical Strategies

I recalled reading an article about how thinking differently can change results, and thought about how many of us have goals we never reach because we keep up the current routine knowing it never produced the results we wanted and needed.

When it comes to personal change, growth and consequences, we have to get one person on board—ourself.  Hard enough.

However, when change is a team effort in our business life, the environment needs to enable creativity and all parties need to be open to risk.  It may even mean “starting over” so you can work with what you have in the real world vs. the dream world.

These concepts came to life an article I read by Marti Barletta in a reflection of the movie “Moneyball” :  http://trendsight.com/archives/moneyball-marketing.html

When it comes to commiting to change, I like the idea of “thinking fresh”.  This applies to ourselves, employees, collegues and our budgets.  The idea is that being open to change gives us all an opportunity to try something different, to be different, and most of all, to think about why we want “different”!

What radical moves have you made in your business and what did they “blow away”?