What is SampleOn: Definition

For a business owner:

SampleOn is the world’s most powerful experiential marketing platform. SampleOn engages your customer by allowing them to experience your product or service for FREE and form an emotional bond that cannot be achieved in any other form of marketing.

The customer is then able to leverage the dynamics of SampleOn’s platform to tell friends and family and ignite word of mouth awareness about your business in a way never before possible.

Worth noting:

  • First of its kind marketing platform on the planet
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fastest go to marketing vehicle available
  • Extremely affordable, a fraction of the cost of traditional media
  • Reach highly engaged customers
  • Measure results in real time SampleOn
  • Gives businesses more control
  • Get started within minutes
  • FREE Limited Time Offer:   100 Days of SampleOn Campaigns for FREE…no strings attached!

What is SampleOn: Definition

For a consumer:

SampleOn is a dynamic web-site and mobile app that enables customers to discover, share and engage in experiences of interest. SampleOn businesses provide FREE experiences and social discounts that customers can then easily share with friends and family using SampleOn’s platform.

Worth noting:

  • Reserve FREE experiences
  • Social discounts
  • Enjoy highly engaging content
  • Easily share with friends and familySampleOn
  • Easily connect with those who share similar interests
  • Great for home, work, or travel
  • Filter campaigns to see only what interests you

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is a way to engage customers with your product, allowing them  to "experience" your product, utilizing as many senses as possible. In this day and age, consumers are often skeptical of the "traditional advertising" methods, such as couponing, radio and TV. Customers much prefer to experience a businesses product or service firsthand, in the context of how they would use the product in their everyday lives.

SampleOn facilitates customer relationships in a way never before possible.

Experiential Marketing is about creating a marketing environment that results in a genuine and powerful connection between your business and your customer’s personal world. It is this type of interaction that  provides an opportunity for your business to come alive for the customer. The connections formed by such experiences are interactive and personally relevant to the customer, often invoking emotion which is nearly impossible to create with other forms of marketing.  This dynamic helps form the kind of bond between your business and the customer that results in loyalty and repeat business – which is the heart of experiential marketing. Once a consumer truly experiences your product or service, and is able to see directly how it can fit into their lives, they are not only more likely to purchase, but they are also able to clearly articulate what is different (i.e. better) about your product or service, thus increasing your word-of-mouth referrals.

SampleOn is a powerful way to spread the word.


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