We teach university students, grads and alumni HOW to network and find opportunities in their field of study—STEP by STEP.

Learn more about the program:  2ACTIFY

  • Students learn how to build relationships and communication skills for career opportunities 
  • University Career Centers affect their student job placement with a program that teaches networking and engagement techniques
  • Alumni Association members learn life-long communication skills, generate community loyalty and mentorship

2Actify is a program offered by Bear2Bull Coaching.  Our educational webinars demonstrate a process to launch a career by using techniques and concepts applied to the major social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and social platforms designed for universities.  

With a focus on finding a job in your field of study, students and alumni that attend the series learn how to network with the 400 million LinkedIn users, Facebook and other social network platforms, discover opportunities and referrals, and develop lifelong networking skills for their careers and engagement in their school’s alumni associations.

  • Session 1: Learn How to Navigate Your Networking Online
  • Session 2: Create an Online Profile that Attracts your Audience
  • Session 3: Research, Searches and Engaging for Opportunities
  • Session 4: Become the “Stand Out” Candidate

Penny Pearl: 277 7037