Students, Network to Find a Job

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Are you a college student that’s near graduation and looking for a job in your field of study?  

How about learning how to find the right job while you’re getting your education?

Everyone wants the up and coming millennial professionals (and our future business leaders) to succeed.  They’re bright and online savvy.  They’re fast, applying to online to job boards in less than 60 seconds in anticipation  of hearing back from a future employer.  Then nothing.  The chances are less than 1%, unless they do something different.

University career centers cover interviewing, job fairs, etc., but not skills for finding a job. The “people and relationship skills” that are a part of job hunting will last long into their careers and cultivating them should begin well before graduation.


My work with university students is rewarding because I show them the “how” and fuel their confidence.  Of course, they have to bring the burning desire and discipline, ready to move from earning grades to finding a great job in their field of study.  They need to wake up their  “people skills” from hibernation and we have a webinar series that does just that!


Here’s what happened after an interactive presentation was delivered to grad students.  The webinar series was “How to network for finding a job in your field of study”.  It was a great success and we’re able to share a story of a student that had 2 job offers within 30 days of starting the program and within 4 weeks of graduating.  Sweet.

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Job hunting students, find a job in your area of study!   REGISTER FOR A WEBINAR SERIES TO LEARN MORE.

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