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How a graduate student secured 2 solid offers within 30 days of her job search!success keys2

Emily graduates this spring with her Master of Science in Dietetics from one of the nation’s oldest and most respected universities in the east. It is a demanding and crazy time with so many
critical activities coming to an end and at least one monumental task about to start up.   Emily’s next goal was to find the first job of her career before her graduation.

Two weeks ago Emily found herself in a serious quandary and this situation affected just about everything else on her platter. Within 30 days of her job hunt, she was forced to decide which of two great job offers to accept!

Nice problem to have, most would agree, and so did Emily. Why the quandary?


Success dartEmily somehow knew that having a guaranteed job, with a mutually signed offer letter, well before graduation was going to make college life much more palatable coming down the home stretch with speeches, papers, finals, and internships wrapping up, not to mention graduation activities and having to deal with a myriad other events such as packing up and moving…somewhere. Maybe back home with mom and dad?

Emily did not wish to end up back home while looking for the first job of her young career, post college. She wanted to ensure the next chapter in her life and career was a real job consistent with her hard earned degrees and field of study, over the past 6 years. She had goals.


Emily really felt privileged to be in this position at this stage when so many fellow graduating students not only had no job offers but not a clue as to where, how, nor when they should begin their search. Many were still unsure if they even wanted to work in their chosen fields, for a host of reasons.

By golly she was going to pull the stops out and prioritize finding that job and not wait until the last minute or try to find a job after graduation. Her goal was to graduate in the spring, take a few weeks off to travel and decompress a bit then report in to her newly earned job in July. And this is precisely how Emily’s near term future will unfold.


How was Emily going to possibly choose between Santa Barbara, CA and Seattle, WA? Both jobs were equal in her mind and she did not expect to hear from both of these companies at the same time, but one had to be selected, the other turned away, and decision time was short and running out.


Emily had no family or friends opening doors for her.. She decided her academic passion and her career path irrespective of family tradition.

Emily did have help—lots of it in fact and over a very shortperiod of about four weeks, start to finish. Her phenomenal job search goes like this and it can go like this for you too…

It takes a few special traits in each of us to visualize a path to success. Who can know where these traits originate. Possibly from family and upbringing, culture, religion, schooling, etc. In Emily’s case it was pretty clear to a principal at Bear2Bull Coaching, a talent sourcing company, that Emily was a self starter, disciplined, and knew how to prioritize; today’s critical traits in a job search.


Emily was keen on social networking, the roll it plays in communication these days and somewhat familiar with LinkedIn. She was aware that her personal network should play a key role in her job search. Her thinking: “If I could use social networking such as Facebook and LinkedIn effectively along with my personal references early in my job search, I can increase the chances of locating and winning the best job for myself before they’re either posted or all gone”.

Her timing was “right on”, but she had to learn how to use all of her resources in a complex and competitive job market. She located the best possible job search coach with the most updated path for finding a job online and was guided on…

  1. Getting started with an outstanding profile of her capabilities
  2. Researching and creating an online marketing campaign for herself,
  3. How to best communicate to win the conversation and interview
  4. Understanding negotiating fundamentals and positioning herself with the best presentation,
  5. Closing for the best job.


As before, that’s precisely what Emily did. She contacted Penny Pearl, a principal at the online Bear2Bull Coaching firm, via a quick LinkedIn search. Penny agreed to discuss Emily’s need and at the same time pre-qualified her to ensure she was a disciplined student and committed to her job goal.

Emily passed that test with flying colors and convinced Penny that she was ready to put her search at the top of her priority list along with a few other school activities to “get the job done”!

Penny coached Emily and a few fellow graduate students on each of the five job search activities listed above over a three week period, and included a few additional search categories.


A very motivated Emily performed to a “T” in each search category, received two solid job (written) offers within three weeks and two more job opportunities ready to interview her before she made that very difficult choice.

“Thanks Bear2Bull Coaching, and Penny so much for what we accomplished together and in such a short period of time. Now I can concentrate fully on my school activities assured that I have a new home and job to go to after I graduate”.

BTW: Emily shared one of the other opportunities with a fellow graduating class mate who like Emily, is a self starter and committed student. We will follow up on her progress.

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