We develop your network of qualified candidates for your vetting and interviewing using smart talent sourcing technology and proprietary processes.

√ Find and Engage with top talent when they are active or hidden.
√ Don’t hire on the fly. Build ongoing, long term talent pipelines.
√ Be seen and optimize your brand exposure through extensive profile visiting
√ Our sourcing generated 70 qualified candidates and closed 26% for interviews
√ Our campaign resulted in a talent pipeline that increased 5X.



Turn candidate and sales leads into prospects and new opportunities. We use proprietary tools and processes that build online relationships for you and turn connections into clients or candidates, depending on your application.

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We are not traditional recruiters. Rather, we uniquely engage in online relationships on your behalf or can supply the data you need for your CRM. Bear2Bull Coaching works with mortgage banking firms, universities, tech companies and wineries. Our process includes:
* Targeted research to find your audience
* Profile Optimization
* Outreach to develop targeted prospect and employee candidate data
* Online Relationship Engagement with prospects on your behalf
* Complete prospect Database for your CRM

Penny@Bear2BullCoaching.com/530 277 7037