Team Creativity

Calling all sales and customer service team managers…

Are you willing to create an environment that encourages team creativity? You choose your team members because of their talents, yet sometimes we can overlook what each individual offers toward reaching company goals. 

Are your employees encouraged to use their special talents to lead others toward these goals?  When each creative person contributes to the success of the company, it breeds more creativity, leadership, loyalty and teamwork toward reaching company goals

In my past as a salesperson and manager, I was more motivated and creative when I felt my efforts made a difference for the company rather than reaching a personal “quota”.  When company expectations were understood, it fired off creative energy—I wanted our team to exceed company sales revenue goals and that required open and creative communication from management and team members.  The term “quota” was negative (always a pressure), but working individually and together to reach clear revenue goals was a team effort that encouraged success.  I also liked and respected my boss which was also a big motivator.

Does each player clearly understand the revenue they are responsible for contributing individually and as a team?  How can you encourage each of them to step forward and demonstrate their creativity to build sales and customers for growth?