The Magic “Touch” on LinkedIn

What does it really take to find leads on LinkedIn?

Lead generation can apply to finding qualified sales leads for new revenue or sourcing talented candidates to grow your company.  The process can be the same regardless of your search for clients or talent.  How do you find and convert your network?

Navigating features, your “moves” on LinkedIn, is easy.  The “touch” is the authentic and creative way you reach out to your audience and convert them to prospects, then clients.  If you know “the LinkedIn moves” but you’re missing  “the touch” when it comes to finding and converting your network to clients, then you need to try something new.

Begin with setting the intention on what you want to accomplish in the time you dedicate to your LinkedIn marketing efforts.  It takes extreme focus in at least 3 key areas:

  1. Mindset:  Have the mindset to spend your time finding clients.  Fend off distractions.  Spend your time prospecting.  Be sincere in your communication when you reach out and commit to developing a relationship with your connections.
  2. Your Customers:  Know your perfect clients.  When you know who your best customer is, all the marketing channels on LinkedIn and communication is narrowly aimed at the services you offer for your targeted clients and therefore increase your chances of converting prospects to clients.
  3. Routine:  Establish a consistent system for prospecting to fill your pipeline. Online relationship building takes time, but with consistency, you’ll keep adding the right clients.  You’ll learn the “touch” by making adjustments to your profile and communication.  You’ll become laser focused on your most targeted clients, how to find them and communicate why you’re their resource.

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Penny Pearl, Founder of Bear2Bull Coaching is skilled in lead generation and sourcing candidates online with LinkedIn, using proprietary processes and automation software. Her engaging coaching style makes the adventure of learning online business building skills simple so you can get results!

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