When “old” Technology Doesn’t Work

Congratulations to the students that make a huge effort networking and engaging online for career opportunities—they are the exceptional.

Then there are the students who believe that finding a job will “fall into place”.  But, by the time graduation rolls around, it’s a bit late to get started on building a network and learning new skills.  Welcome to the world of modern job seeking.


College career services may be attempting to keep up, but declining funding makes it difficult for them to introduce tools and technology needed to guide students on how to find a job today.  In some cases, staff may not have the expertise for guiding students on modernized skills they’ll need for the “job hunt” or how to creatively engage with social platforms to find and generate opportunities.

MAKING CAREER EDUCATION A PRIORITY:  A study by The Nat’l Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) states, “College and university administrations need to recognize that changes in the economy will require a more prominent place for career education within their institutions and make it a priority to provide adequate levels of support for their career services offices.”  The University Commitment to Career Services by NACE Journal, February 2015

  • College tuitions are up.
  • Career centers are not seeing funds from the increased tuitions to modernize.
  • Experienced counselors have limited social media skills and are not skilled to train students on networking to find a job.
  • Many students are not aware of the job hunting landscape and challenges but “hope for the best” upon graduation.

Will they be able to use their career center as a progressive resource?

With increased tuitions and government funding, universities have entered into the world of big business and revenue generation, so why are career centers under-capitalized and working with reduced budgets?

How will universities educate students on finding a job?

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